Mini cat Rosie goes for a walk with her husky friends

A few months ago, the husky lady Lilo adopted the little foundling kitten Rosie. In the meantime, Rosie has grown a bit and the intimate friendship between the cute cat and her dog mom has also grown. In the video, Klein-Rosie goes for a walk with her two- and four-legged friends. She can walk on a leash like a real husky. Too cute!

Not every cat is suitable for walking on a leash, but little Rosie really enjoys it. After all, there is nothing better than a great walk with your dearest friends. She walked through the park for an hour with her human foster parents and the huskies Lilo, Infinity and Miko Gassi. The lovely dogs have fully accepted the mini cat as a pack and family member. So sweet, your heart is opening!

Here is the video of Lilos and Rosie's first encounter:

Dog and cat get used to each other

Dog and cat can live peacefully together in one household - provided the four-legged friends ...

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