Cat and aquarium: what you need to consider

Cat and aquarium: what you need to consider

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Holding a cat and buying an aquarium is not a contradiction in terms. Fish lovers can even be happy: as a "cat cinema", the aquarium provides bored apartment kitties with valuable entertainment. The only important thing is to take appropriate safety precautions. Cat and aquarium harmonize better than you might expect - Image: Shutterstock / You Touch Pix of EuToch

Cats and freshwater or saltwater inhabitants are a better match than one might think at first glance. So that fish do not end up in your cat's stomach as an unexpected lunch snack, you should take a few safety measures.

Fish and fur noses: This is how the aquarium becomes cat-safe

If you want to set up an aquarium in a cat household, the top priority is of course to ensure that the cat cannot get to the fish. Make sure that the aquarium is equipped with a solid cover and is stable - otherwise a misfortune could arise if the curious cat climbs onto the fish enclosure and possibly throws it off the table or shelf.

Many cats also like to lie on the aquarium lid because it heats up pleasantly due to the lighting - you should also consider this when setting up. An open aquarium, on the other hand, is not very suitable for cat owners - it can happen too quickly that the house tiger starts "fishing" for its fishy roommates.

The aquarium as a "cat cinema"

An aquarium not only offers its human owner entertainment and relaxation, many cats are also fascinated by the movements of the fish behind the glass. The aquarium therefore offers practical activity, especially for indoor cats that are much alone. Some cats even lie in front of the glass tank for hours and look at the miniature underwater world as if hypnotized.

Buying an aquarium is only worthwhile if you have enough time and motivation to take care of the fish and their needs. If you only need a pure "cat cinema", a few fluttering tapes in front of the window are enough to look at your velvet paw.

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