Canicross: The special jogging with the dog

Canicross: The special jogging with the dog

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Are you also wondering how you can jog faster? Very simple: let your dog pull you! Canicross is the name of the new dog sport where you can let your four-legged friend pull you. Find out more about jogging with your dog here. Canicross is good for body and soul, but should be done better on soft, paw-friendly ground than seen here - Shutterstock / Raquel Pedrosa

Canicross originated from sled dog sport and is not very well known in Germany. The pull dog sport is practically suitable for every dog, since everyone can learn to walk canicross. Incidentally, the friendship between humans and dogs is also strengthened.

This is how Canicross works

The pull dog sport is a cross-country run, in which two-legged and four-legged friends are connected by a flexible leash. This is up to two meters long and specially made for Canicross. The leading dog wears a dog harness on one side, which is reminiscent of a sled dog harness and which is constructed in such a way that your dog is not so constricted and breathes well. On the other hand, the person is connected to the dog via his belt, which goes over the back and looks like a weight lifting belt. The owner or mistress running behind has arm room and can jog better. In the video you can see how the sport works:

Canicross is actually a sport that is played in competitions. You can also run Canicross privately with your dog. A typical canicross area is the forest. However, dog sport can be practiced anywhere in nature. It is important that you best not expect your dog to have outside temperatures of over 18 degrees Celsius - this would put too much strain on the cardiovascular system, since the sport is quite exhausting and demanding. Incidentally, also for humans. With a dog in front, you run an average of 4 km / h faster than usual, but at the same time you are relieved somewhat by pulling. In general, the body is challenged more than is the case with normal jogging.

Get suitable dog harnesses from specialist retailers

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Train dog sport demands people and dogs

Canicross appeals to the hunting instinct of our fur noses. Well-trained dogs cannot be distracted while running, so they do not sniff around or interact with other dogs. The commands "Pull!", "Continue!", "Right!" and "links!" are the only words that are allowed under competitive conditions. Sport promotes the fitness and endurance of humans and dogs. In addition, the relationship between the two is strengthened, since you are constantly connected and run in tune with the other.


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