Funny golden retriever whistles for training

Funny golden retriever whistles for training

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Golden Retrievers are usually considered very willing to learn - they want to please their favorite person. The funny dog ​​in the video is a bit out of sorts because he doesn't care what his owner taught him during training. In a dog sport competition, he definitely does not adhere to a single rule.

For the competition, a short distance was provided with treats and toys on the edge. The owner calls his dog and the dog should then immediately run straight to him, without even appreciating the delicacies and toys. The fastest dog wins. The cheeky Golden Retriever can remove this price. When his mistress calls him, he runs and stops interested in the first toy to sniff. He runs from bowl to bowl and toy to toy, sniffs, plays, feeds and has a lot of fun.

Then he simply leaves the marked route and runs back again because he discovered one of the delicacies at the beginning of the route. Finally his mistress runs to him and tries to persuade him to walk the route properly without being distracted. This works for about a second, then the rascal realizes that it has overlooked food in a bowl. "Ui, great! There's more! Mampf-mampf-mampf", thinks the Golden Retriever, and destroys the remaining delicacies that pave his way. In the end, his mum has had enough of the faxes from her disobedient four-legged friend and leads him off the track on the collar. The Golden Retriever looks again longingly at the many temptations and thinks: "Why is it already over? I haven't eaten everything yet and haven't tested every toy yet. Manno!" This dog really has the rogue on his neck!

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