How do i know if my dog likes daycare

How do i know if my dog likes daycare

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How do i know if my dog likes daycare or do they hate me?

Q:My dog is a 2 year old female chow/beagle mix and I'm a stay at home mom with 2 little girls. I'm looking for a place to leave her while I'm at work. She's very happy, friendly, loving, sweet, but does seem to have some separation anxiety issues. She loves playing in the pool and the lake.


She loves being outside? Check out places that have swimming pools, lakes or fountns. These areas tend to be very popular. Try a local pet store, dog park, groomers, day care, or boarding kennel. Just remember, you are her owner and should be able to exercise your rights as such.

I work as a nurse and my dog is a Chihuahua, who is very nervous when I leave her, even if I am just going to the parking lot to pick something up from my car. She is about 18 months old and doesn't get the exercise she needs at home. The day care that I have her in is only about a mile away, and it has a lake which she loves and they walk her there everyday.

She has gotten much better, she is so much happier, but I just think she needs the same amount of exercise that she would get at home.

When she comes in the house, she is scared and nervous and if I even take the door keys out of my purse, she will be scared. I have found a way to make her less nervous, if I go to her bedroom door before I leave, she is then at ease with me. I will be back before she knows it.

Another problem I have is when I pick her up from the day care, she runs to the fence and barks all the time until I come in, then she jumps up and I have to pick her up. I know it's because she doesn't know where the people are, but she's always so nervous.

Q:Is there a safe way to take my puppy to daycare?

A:Take her with you.

Q:Can I walk my dog at night?

A:No. You can walk your dog during day time, but you are not permitted to walk her at night. This is in order to keep the dogs from becoming aggressive or attacking other animals.

Q:What should i expect from a dog daycare?

A:You should expect to have a pet sitter who will check on your dog and clean it's kennel everyday. They should also be able to keep the dog inside and/or out. They should also be able to keep the dog up-to-date with shots and a visit to the vet on your behalf.

Q:Is it ok for my dog to go day care if she is only 6 months old?

A:Yes. You need to take your dog for a check-up every 6 months. Even if she is only 6 months old.

Q:Why do they charge for the daycare if my dog is a puppy?

A:Because they make money by charging for daycare. They will make more money if your dog stays longer, and will charge you more money.

Q:What do I need to do to get my dog out of daycare?

A:The easiest way to get your dog out is by calling your daycare or kennel directly. They will let you know what you need to do.

Q:What's the difference between daycare and boarding?

A:Daycare is a pet sitter, or caregiver, who will care for your dog while you are away. Boarding is a place where you put your dog while you are away.

Q:Can I take my dog in the house with me?


Q:What's the best daycare for my dog?

A:There are many daycare's, you just need to check out the rates. Remember, you are paying to keep your dog safe and happy while you are away.

Q:If I do leave my dog in daycare, what do I need to know?

A:You need to know the name of the daycare. You also need to know if your dog is allowed to go in the backyard.

Q:Where do you take your dog when you want to go swimming?

A:Any place that has a pool. You need to know the rules of the pool you are at so your dog doesn't run in and cause a problem.

Q:Where do you go if you want to do more than just leave your dog at daycare?

A:Some of these daycare's are pet sitting companies, and you can do a lot of things to get your dog ready for the day. You can take your dog to the vet, groomers, etc.

Q:Is it safe to let my dog in my house at night?


Q:How do I keep my dog safe and happy at daycare?

A:Take him/her to the daycare.

Q:Where is a good place for my dog to play with other dogs?

A:There are many options, just find the one that best suits you and your dog. Remember, you are paying for a good time.

Q:Is it okay to take my dog to a k

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